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Elite homes in one of Europe's oldest garden cities!


Total area of land - 31 ha
Land plots on sale - starting from 1 200 m²
Development - villas, twin villas, row houses, exclusive apartments in 2 floor buildings

Project statuss

Construction of 1st stage roads, engineering networks, acoustic barrier, greeneryndscaped acoustic barrier along the street will be finished in September 2015.  Construction of 1st villas will start in Spring 2016.

Landplots and residences are available for sale.

About the project

"Mežaparka Rezidences" is a complex of villas in the most prestigious and culturally rich area in Riga – Mežaparks. It’s an exclusive opportunity to purchase an individual villa project, twin villa, row houses or apartment in a two-floored house with a spacious garden up to one hectare.

About the concept

Mežaparka Rezidences will cover 31 ha of landscaped area. The historical and natural context of Mežaparks was taken into consideration while working on the project concept. The villas are carefully planned to ensure privacy, while providing connection to the beautiful environment and yard, which combines the opportunities of modern technologies and aesthetic values.

The architectural solution of each building has been tailor-made according to the specific relief of each land plot, taking into account the scenery of the dunes, rational use of the land plot, and well considered layout of indoor premises towards the cardinal directions.
The land plots are enclosed by a combined type of fencing with fence structures alternating with green hedges and clusters of plants. To ensure that the buildings are in harmony with the natural environment of Mežaparks, they are constructed from modern, high quality materials that complement the district’s characteristically reserved style.

For information about sales, please contact:
Tel: +371 28660033
E-mail: oksana@nchriga.lv