Corporate Social Responsibility


The social responsibility of DOMUSS is based on the values of the company—staff, responsibility, quality, honesty, respect, and professional development—and is dedicated to facilitating sustainable development.

The company’s social responsibility includes rational use of resources; efficient work methods; providing employees with safe and fair working conditions, training to develop professional skills, and health insurance; and supporting and implementing social and charitable projects.

Support for charity, children and youth projects

Every day, people approach charity organizations asking for help and support to feed and care for their families. Many of these individuals are willing to work, yet are affected by unemployment, crisis, or health problems. Both adults and children are in need of not only social support, but also health care. Thus, DOMUSS participates in diverse charity projects, actively sharing the social responsibility to address common needs and to help create a brighter future.

  • For the third year, DOMUSS has bought greeting cards from the student center Eurika. Eurika directs the proceeds to charity, and over the last eight years has donated modern medical equipment  valued at more than LVL 54,000 to the intensive-care departments of hospitals in Latvia.
  • In addition, DOMUSS makes regular donations to the non-governmental organizations Martin’s Fund (Mārtiņa fonds) and the Hematology Fund for Latvian Children (Latvijas bērnu hematoloģijas fonds), which provide necessary support and assistance for families with children suffering from leukemia and other hematologic and oncologic diseases, as well as those with vision, hearing and physical-development disorders.
  • DOMUSS also supports the Latvian Children Orphans Fund (Latvijas bērnu bāreņu fonds), which helps orphans, children with special needs, and children from needy and low-income families. DOMUSS devotes special attention to the events organized by the Fund that provide spiritual warmth to orphanages in rural regions of Latvia on Christmas Eve.
  • The program Possible Mission (Iespējamā misija), whose aim is to strengthen education as a value in Latvia by helping talented high-school graduates to become inspiring teachers and future leaders, is also supported by DOMUSS.
  • In early 2010, DOMUSS participated in the Baltinava Special Charity Campaign (Baltinavas neparastā labdarības akcija)—organized because Baltinava County is one of the poorer counties of Latvia. In Riga, donations were gathered for several months. DOMUSS and its employees donated clothing, footwear, books, and toys—which were delivered to Baltinava by the company’s partner, the office equipment service center BTSC. This was the second event organized by the Baltinava Campaign. The first took place in the autumn of 2009 in Kraslava (Krāslava). The next charity event is planned for the end of 2011, and DOMUSS plans to participate.